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Jersey & York Capital Group


Jersey & York Capital Group established a corporate advisory and business consulting firm in 2004 and has evolved in the past decade to include operations covering corporate advisory, private equity funds, opportunistic asset funds, institutional stockbroking and related corporate and administration services; under specialist brand franchises including Jersey & York Capital Partners, Jersey & York Specialised Investment Group, Jersey & York Media, Jersey & York Securities and Jersey & York Lawyers operating across multiple regional jurisdictions in both the northern and southern hemisphere with our head office operations based in the Asia Pacific [Sydney and Singapore] region supporting our regional operations together with our international specialist business affiliate firms across the northern hemisphere principally within the UK and Europe and the USA.

Jersey & York

Jersey & York, established in Sydney in 2004, is a boutique firm providing corporate advisory and business consulting services to corporate clients, family offices, not for profits and governments.

Client groups include Australian and international private and publicly listed companies incorporating family offices as well as charities, community and religious groups plus international governments.

Principally services are transaction based focussed around a specific financial/capital transaction required for structural or re-structural reasons; typically being an acquisition, merger, expansion or divestment of a business and incorporate developing special purpose financial markets products/structures plus private equity together with proprietary and opportunistic investments.

Jersey & York will normally undertake any related strategic structuring and planning for the client. Business consulting services do not have to be related to a specific financial transaction and can be undertaken on a specific project or stand alone basis.

Jersey & York engage selected specialist business affiliates to work with the firm to deliver specialist knowledge in industry segments across technology, taxation, legal, investment banking, project management, marketing or international affairs, for their clients. Combined skills of the firm cover project management, financial product development, building & construction management, taxation planning, legal structuring, strategic planning, business acquisitions, mergers & divestments, HR people management, private equity placement, capital management and product commercialisation.